Travel Angels

Travel Angels are amazing strangers that offer help, guidance, information, assistance, to travelers. Many of my adventures would not have been as magical, or turned out as successfully as they did, without the help of travel angels.  I love my travel angels and am forever grateful to them. But all too often they disappear as quickly as they arrived to rescue or guide me.  I can only hope they understand how thankful I really am.  I am sure I am not alone in meeting these wonderful travel angels.

So, this page is dedicated to thanking those angels. Please add your own stories and thanks for your personal travel angels in the comments below.  I can’t wait to hear your stories and be inspired by your own travel experiences!

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5 thoughts on “Travel Angels

  1. One summer a friend and I were backpacking around Europe. We were in a remote section of the Black Forest in Germany and couldn’t find any lodging. But a nice older woman let us sleep in her storage shed. In the morning she fed us breakfast.

  2. One time friend and I were visiting Chicago. We got to walking and ended up in the dangerous part of town called the Southside of Chicago. A nice Black pastor stopped us and told us we were headed the wrong way, so we turned around and went back the way we came.

  3. On my cross-country trip from North Carolina to Arizona, my car died – for good – in Middle of Nowhere, New Mexico. I was able to get off onto an exit that held nothing but a creepy trucker bar with a couple small motel rooms. As I approached what looked to be the office, I was chased off, literally, by a free-roaming rottweiler. I got back in my car and sat at a loss for a few minutes, when my two travel angels descended on me. They lived not far off from the exit and had spied me in distress. They brought their (drunk, one-legged) ex-mechanic uncle to check out the car, and even drove me 10 miles down the road to the closest tiny town to pick up some oil. When that didn’t work, they let me into their house and offered to make some food for me while I waited for the tow truck. They suggested the mechanic in town to look at my car when they opened. Without their help I would have had to get towed all the way to Albuquerque, which was 40 miles away and outside of my motor club’s ‘Free Tow Up to $100’ radius.

    Their names were Seneca and Katie. I’ll never forget their selflessness in picking up and trusting a raggedy cross-country traveler. I still wave at their little house whenever I pass it in my travels to this day. Thanks guys!

  4. Yesterday at Heathrow airport, I was hungry and I had no pounds. There was a Starbucks and we could pay in euros but only with bills. I had only 10 euros and what I choose costs 11 euros. Instead of gave back something, the very nice waiter offers me the 1 euro missing!

    And then I met a nice lady from Toronto going to Nice and then in northern Italy. We spoke for a while before we caught our different flights.

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