The Gift of the White Elephant

This page is dedicated to The Gift of the White Elephant, Aeri’s first book!  It is a story about a girl who learns how to follow her heart to achieve her family’s dreams.

Printed Cover

Aeri has self-published this book as an artist collaboration with illustrator Lyn Bell, and audio engineer and producer Vid Wegener. Hard Copies of the book are available!!  Or order your copy of the Audio Book, read by Aeri Rose with background score composed by Vid Wegener. Hard copies, digital copies, and audio books are available in our marketplace. Check it out!

Grandmother Chandra and Little Aisha
Grandmother Chandra and Little Aisha

Update 12.03.12: Off to the Printers!

The audio book is done and wonderful.  The proofs have been reviewed countless times.  The ink is dry on the illustrations.  It has all come together! The proofs have been sent. It is in the hands of the printers! The hard copy of The Gift of the White Elephant is in the works!  With an expected delivery date of December 18th, we should receive the books just in time to send out before the holidays.  Place your orders today! Limited quantities available!

Update 11. 21.12: Recording Time!

This week Aeri is in Todd Mission, Texas, meeting with her audio book producer, David Wegener.  The basic background score has been composed and it is time to lay the book reading over the music and sync it all together! Can we expect an audio book available before December 1st? We sure hope so!!

The magic of this day would not be possible without you.
The magic of this day would not be possible without you.

A taste of the story:

“Aisha looked out the window, watching the ocean curl in little waves, lapping the sandy beach outside the hotel. She wanted nothing more than to go run in the surf and sun, but instead she was helping Grandmother Chandra tend to the guest rooms.

Little Aisha followed her grandmother through the room while she smoothed the pillows, buffed the mirrors and put everything in its place. Then the furrow of her brow lifted, the corners of her smile upturned, and she said to Aisha ‘Now, you can place the gift on the pillow.’

Aisha reached into the little wicker basket she carried and took out one small elephant figurine. She turned the smooth white stone carving over in her hand, asking, ‘Grandmother, we provide hospitality to people from far away, so why do we give them gifts as well?’

‘Oh my dearest blossom, that is a very important question, because that gift is at the heart of this great hotel. It is our blessing. The answer will take some time,’ Grandmother said as she led little Aisha to the door. ‘Come, one more room to prepare and then we will collect your brothers and have a story with an adventure.’

If, like little Aisha, you want to hear this story with an adventure, than please pre-order your copy of The Gift of the White Elephant today!


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