About Aeri

Aeri Rose is a fairy who loves to travel and experience new and wonderful things. Now, she wants to share her adventures with you! Follow Aeri as she dances her way around the world.  Learn from her successes and her mistakes. Cheer her on when she gets lost, and help her choose her next adventure.


How did Aeri become the traveling fairy she is today?

To really answer that question she’d like to begin by dropping this third person silliness.

My name is Erica and I really do have a wonderful colorful traveling life.  I try to live the fairy life by following my heart and helping others follow theirs.  I like to think my heart is pretty creative and loves a good adventure.

I started really traveling in 2009, after graduating from college with a business degree and a youthful and passionate disgust with corporate life.  After a bit of travel around the US I entered an international graduate program that let me live around the world; in Lyon, France, Hangzhou, China, and Boston, MA.  What that taught me, in addition to copious amounts of business consulting and entrepreneurial skills, was that I loved traveling more than anything else.  So I admitted that travel was my top priority and found work to support it.

Now, I live on the road, on the Renaissance Festival “Circuit.”  That means I travel around the continental United States following Renaissance Festivals as a vendor, or helping other artists and vendors.  When I am a vendor, I operate under the name Aeri Rose and sell fairy- and nature-inspired women’s clothing.  The renaissance festivals are a wonderful and unique institution wherein artists can successfully, and often lucratively, live and support themselves, their families, and other supportive travelers like myself. I highly suggest visiting a festival near you.  Yes they have a totally silly theme; but once you get past the turkey legs, court jesters, and flagons of ale (though I highly recommend enjoying a flagon or three) you will find some pretty amazing and usually functional works of art that you won’t find anywhere else.  Support the artists!

During the off season (no one wants to go to an outdoor festival in the winter) I try to fit in a good trip abroad.  I try to limit my budget to a conservative $100 a day, including all transportation, airfare, and souvenirs.  It has worked fairy well so far and I love the friends I’ve met, travel angels who have helped me, and all the enlightening solo adventures I have had.

Moving forward I’ll be incorporating another theme into my travels….time travel! I’d like to marry my two travel styles- the silliness of renaissance theme parks, and the excitement of extreme budget traveling.  I hope to tour Irish castles in petticoats, travel by steamer, and more.   Just stay tuned!

I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you haven’t already done so, I highly suggest signing up to follow my stories  and adventures.  And feel free to chime in with comments, questions, or suggestions any time! I love to hear your thoughts! You can also follow me on Facebook, or visit my Etsy Shop.

With Love and Light,

Aeri Rose


One thought on “About Aeri

  1. Hello Erica, This is Cindy Dewey. I am writing this to you from my classroom with my students. I showed them your book and told them we would start reading it tomorrow. They will write book reviews and we will send them to you.
    Take care, Cindy

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