the plague!

It’s the Plague!! And it has come to the Maryland Renaissance Festival! It can strike at any moment. You might not even know you’ve been hit, and then later when you are home and stripping off your hot dusty garb, you’ll realize…you’ve BEEN PLAGUED!

The only way to get rid of the plague is to PASS IT ON!


What am I talking about? With help from my friends, over fifty clothes pins with “the plague” written on them have been secretly unleashed in Revel Grove.  Keep the game going!  When you find you’ve been pinned, try to secretly pin it on someone new.  How sneaky can you be? Your life may depend on it!


One thought on “the plague!

  1. One of those pins found it’s way to Pennsic & my belt at a party. The little lady who put it on me was, perhaps, not as sneaky as she thought she was as I noticed her. Have a nice day.

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