are there margaritas in texas? elephants in belize?

Yes, and there should be. What?

What’s happening? What’s next?

Right now I am at a superb Mexican restaurant in Todd Mission, Texas, slurping on a deliciously fresh (and strong!) margarita.  Why am I in Todd Mission, Texas slurping on a margarita? Because Todd Mission is the home of the Texas Renaissance Festival, and I rather spontaneously decided last week that I should GO to the Texas Renaissance Festival to finish recording the audio book version of my new short story.  To learn more check out the special page dedicated to it! I hope to have an audio book ready to share with all of you by next week!

Just in time too, because by December 17th I’ll be on the move again.  On a most interesting, one of a kind, kind of trip.  Because my sister will be in tow!! We will be going to Belize for a week long SpAdventure in the tropical jungle.

“What on earth is a SpAdventure?” You might ask

It’s the kind of spa retreat fairies go on! Duh!! Melody (little sister) and I will be enjoying our time at a spa, nestled in the rainforests of Belize, enjoying mud packs and mineral baths, within walking distance of an artsy little village and within bus distance of Mayan Ruins!!

Now, please say the following in an immature sing-song taunt:

“We’ll be at the Mayan ruins for 12.21.12! We’ll be at the Mayan ruins for December 21st! Wahooyyy!!”

SO EXCITED!! Do you think the hotel will let us camp out? I really hope there is a freak un-predicted meteor shower at the VERY LEAST!

Woah, slow down margarita. Slow down.

Stay tuned!



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