a taste of things to come

In just a few short weeks I will be embarking on my next great adventure: The Transsiberian Rail Road!! I’ve planned to fly into Helsinki, Finland on September 4th and make my way to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by October 4th. The theme of this next adventure series will be planning on the fly, since I seem to be quite the scatterbrain this time around. I don’t even know where I’m staying in Helsinki yet! And since the best thing to do in Russia is buy the train tickets from each station, none of those stops have been planned out yet either!

Before I leave I’ll spend a post or two talking about the things I do know- things like getting Visas, and doing quick checks of train schedules. But once that plane takes flight, your guess will be as good as mine. Where WILL I end up next?

Stay tuned!



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