boba tea for me!

A couple weeks ago I took a break from Texas by hiding away in a Korean spa for the day. Today I seemed to have been dropped off in The Philippines for lunch.

The Place? Cebuana Filipino Store in Austin, Texas.  This place is another one of those great places that looks like a dive on the outside, and you really aren’t expecting much out of the food even after ordering and sitting down.  But then a trail of mouth watering scents wafts your way and the meal comes out.  You know you’ve hit another cultural gem before you even take the first bite.  This is the real deal.  This is abandon your fork for finger licking delight.  This is thank the good Earth for lemon grass and ginger.

Go Ejoy Maria’s WONDERFUL Filipino Food!

Maria, the owner and chef comes out with beef stews, pork chops the likes of which you’ve never had, sweet rice, a stunning Thai basil soup, and a creamy cabbage salad.  We dipped bites of pork chop into the soup and delightfully slurping the whole mouthful up.

After the meal we wandered the tiny Filipino grocery store, excitedly cheering over real rice noodles, glass noodles, packaged curry pastes, ginger pastes, spicy sauces, and more. I couldn’t help but pick up a few spice packets to try on my own stir-fries later.

A mango boba tea for the road, and we were ready to head back out into the American afternoon.  A delightful ethnic meal was exactly what I needed to excite my travel bug again.

Just in time too because on Friday I hit the road again and head north, back to Annapolis for a few days. But before that I need to run through Austin with my Tutu on! That’s right.  On Thursday, Chela of Medieval Moccasins and I will be running in the Midnight Margarita Run.  In some Reincarnation Outfitters tutus and Medieval Moccasin boots (GREAT for running btw!!) we shall frolic through downtown Austin.  Come run, come play, come cheer on the faeries!

Paalam and Gud Lak!



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