shoes for sicily

Picture this: an industrious little fairy who works hard all year and saves enough to go on a fun new adventure during the boring winter months.  Ah look! There she is! Say Hi.

Now this little fairy is facing a tough decision. Because this winter there are TWO wonderful once in a lifetime adventures to go on.  We talked about them a little in the previous post.  In September Aeri will be traveling across Russia with her friend Sandra on the Trans-Siberian Railway.  And then in November she will be traveling to Sicily on a tri-generational adventure with her mother and her grandmother.  Of course she wants to go on both trips, she just needs to find enough money to do so!  But she’s not worried…

This is what she has to say:

“Shoes!! I has them. By the end of 2009, my roommate and I had something close to 200 pairs of shoes between us. When it was time to move out, I whittled my personal collection down to about 40 pairs, and gave the rest to friends, consignment shops, and Good Will. The other lucky winners went into a big, a BIG, box and have been quietly tucked away in the back of a closet at my mom’s house, awaiting the day that I would land some nice 9 – 5 in a professional yet trendy office somewhere and move into my own apartment, thus creating a space to display them and a place to wear them.
But that doesn’t seem to be part of the game plan in the near future, so away in their box they do sit. What has been in the game plan has been lots of travel to amazing places. The trend has been to work all year and then take the winter to go somewhere new. But it seems that this winter there are TWO once in a life time trips presenting themselves, and a traveling gypsy artist can only squirrel away so much extra funding in 8 months. So, to finance this newest passion, I’m parting with an old one. I’m selling all these shoes!! If you see a pair you like, just comment with a price and the shoe description. First come first serve, this isn’t going to be an auction style thing. Just please begin all donations at $5, to account for shipping (so if you offer $17 for a pair of shoes, thats $5 for the USPS and $12 for my travel fund).”

So please take a look at these shoes! Pass this on to friend and family.  Shout it out in the streets.  I love shoes, but they should have a good home with feet that wear them.

They are also posted on Facebook if you’d prefer to see them in an album, follow this link.

Without further ado…The Shoes:

Vintage purple slouchy boots with a heel. Size 7. Another pair that is hard to part with. These look Great over skinny jeans.
Nike shocks sneakers. Size 7.5
Gold Mary Jane style pumps. Thick heel. Size 7. These make great pixie shoes.
Brown sandals size 7. Beading around ankle strap.
Bronze ballerina flats with ribbon. I picked these up in France and they made a great walking shoe while I was there. The ribbon ties around your ankle, or its long enough to cross up the leg. Size 7
Faux fur boots, size 7
Birkenstocks in light brown leather. Just like the Doc Martins, I always really wanted a pair of Birks. I found this pair at a thrift store for $30, brand new in the box and thought I had hit the jackpot. Until I realized I much prefer my Medieval Moccasin slip-ons! Oh well. These are still barely worn. Size 37
Cookie Monster Slippers! Definitely the second hardest pair to part with :)
Size 8
Bakers red pointy toe pumps. Very low cut on sides. Super sexy. Size 7
black pumps, open side, leather. Size 7
Black matte pumps. Size 7.5
Dock Martin’s Airwair black. I always wanted a pair of Doc Martins and then in France in 2009 I found this pair at an outdoor market. I snagged them for 10 euro, but once I owned them I realized I’m just not a Doc Martin kind of girl. They’re in great shape though.
Size 7.5
Vintage black leather slouchy boots. Size 7.5
Vintage silver pumps. Size 8
Silver gelllies! Size 7
GAP rope sandals. buckles around ankle. Size 7
red patent peep toe pumps. Worn Christmas of 2008. Size 7.5
Black patent pumps. Size 7
Bakers faux leather peter pan boots. Size 7.5
Bakers yellow cloth ballerina flats with peep toe. Cute and comfy summer shoe. Size 7.
These were my high school graduation shoe. They peaked out of my white robe while I crossed the stage. Pale pink pump with ribbon on toe. Leather. BCBGirls Size 38 (7.5 american)
Yellow patent leather pumps. Size 7
These shoes were given to me by a friend who really knows his feet. They make your foot look really dainty and sweet.
Size 7
Bjorndal leather clogs. This is my second pair of this style shoe. I got them after my first pair, which I loved, fell apart. Somehow the magic didn’t transfer, and I haven’t really worn this new pair at all. Brown suede leather, size 7.5
Itasca hiking boots, size 7.5
Marble brown Pink Duchess pumps, size 7.5
Grungy gardening sneakers. New Balance 574s, size 7
Anne Taylor Loft Sandals. Metallic Blue Size 7
These flip flops are from my St. Mary’s high school swim team days. Have to represent the school! At nice compliment to a bathingsuit with a fleur de lis symbol on the butt.
Size 8
These are Twisted X cowboy boots, made in America, real leather. I picked them up when I went to Texas for the first time in 2009. I LOVE them. I Love the vine embroidery and the little cut outs. But I have an old $2 pair of yard sale cowboy boots that I always go to. I think its because the heel is a little taller on those. I’ve only worn these a handfull of times. Anyway, these are $220 boots, that need a loving home. I think this is the pair that is the hardest to part with.
Another embroidery shot

So that’s all of ’em.  What do you think? I hope you’ve seen something you just can’t live without! And don’t forget to tell all your friends about this great opportunity!!!

Oh right, and payment.  All donations can be sent to my paypal account, using the email, and/or I’ll be setting up a donations widget right on the blog here.

Also, all the shoes will be shipped out on June 21st, which is the next time I’ll be home to play with them.


Much Love and Happy Shopping!



2 thoughts on “shoes for sicily

  1. You have such brilliant ideas! And gorgeous shoes. I’m absolutely going to help out (and pretend this isn’t entirely me selfishly getting my hands on shoes that I always borrowed from you in college anyway!) ;) Can I get two? The “Vintage black leather slouchy boots. Size 7.5” and “Brown sandals size 7. Beading around ankle strap.” I can give you $50 for them both? Let me know! Hugs! :) (Also, I didnt forgot the phone call I owe you– I promise!)

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