making the most of nothing at all

Apparently two weeks is the maximum amount of time a traveling fairy can spend at home before her wanderlust strikes up an irksome itch.  What was a fairy to do? I was still broke after the last trip, and didn’t really have all that much time to spare.  So to scratch that itch I went on a little trip, packed full of adventures.  The focus of this post will be “making the most of nothing at all.”

Step One: Find somewhere cheap to free to stay and some way cheap to free to get there.

I rounded up some friends, or rather A friend (say like Wayne in “Wayne’s World”, “I don’t even have A gun, let alone multiple guns, to necessitate a gun rack!”), and headed west. A little. About two hours west, into Berkeley Springs,  West Virginia, where my Dad owns a small farm house.  For the low low price of a tank of gas (round trip) for my new baby (yeah, so I might have jumped on the opportunity to get a beautiful 1984 BMW 3 series in AMAZING condition) Wyatt and I found ourselves heading away from the city and into the country on increasingly smaller and more wooded roads.

Meet Oberon, my 1984 318i

If you don’t have a relative with a farm house they’d be willing to lend you, check out sites like, or even for house swaps, or weekend rentals.  Often a rental on Airbnb will be much less than renting from a tourism rental agency, and if you can stumble upon a city-mouse/country-mouse house swap than all the better.

Step Two: Stock up on supplies

The farm house was a “barely better than the middle of nowhere” affair, and so with proper warning we stocked up ahead of time.  Chicken, broccoli, brown rice, beer, and wine and we were ready to get down to doing nothing.  The last 10 miles to the house became an amusing game of “There it is!”, and “No, that one’s definitely it!” until we finally saw the tell tale star light in the window.

Step Three: Make your own adventure

What did we do for the weekend? We cooked, we drank wine, we lit the pot-belly stove, we star gazed, we drank wine, we played board games (Stratego, thank you!), we read and napped like old people, we hiked around the property and collected more firewood, we drank wine, we hunted ghosts, we told stories, we debated the feasibility of being a hobo in Philadelphia living off of squirrels in Fairmont Park.

I am going to get in SO MUCH TROUBLE for posting this one!

When we ran out of things to do at the farm, we wandered back down into town.  There, we met more people who like to play make believe- Civil War Reenactors!  Of course, people in costume are right up my alley.  I was even offered a proposal! Thing sure do move quick in West Virginia. hehe.

Boys can play dress up too!

Wyatt asked, and sometimes I have to wonder too- what does this guy do during the week? With a beard like that it must be EPIC!

Feeling designly inspired by these guys, I popped in a new age shop in town to put up some Reincarnation Outfitters flyers. And wow did it go well! I’m gong back next week to show the owner samples.  The Aeri Rose Collection might be put in a STORE! A real live, real world store! Well…kinda real world.

Before we knew it, we had to leave our country retreat and return to the city. But with a little wine, a little imagination, and some good friends (friends you bring or friends you meet) you can turn any situation into an adventure.

Where will your next adventure take you?


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