Hi, I’m Aeri!

Hello there, and welcome to my journal!  My name is Aeri Rose.  

I’m a faerie- a rose nymph.  I like to do lots of things like sell flowers, and design faerie fashions, oh and TRAVEL!  If you want to see my faerie designs you should go here.

But if you want to hear about my adventures, you should stay right HERE! I love to see what crazy stuff you people get into.  Its always different, every where I go.  All over the world are people doing fun, beautiful, interesting things. Some faeries are scared of people, but I LOVE them!  They can be so generous, and kind, and welcoming to strangers.  No need to be shy!

And people, they’ve created so many WAYS to travel. I mean, yes I have wings, but flying all about gets exhausting.  Its like running a marathon everywhere you try to go.  So I like to use these new people things; like planes, trains, buses, cars, bikes, boats…um, oh and hot air balloons! I really want to try one of those soon!

So, anyway, its really nice to meet you.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my adventures as much as I enjoy having them.



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