venice of the east

Wow! When I said I was ready to work they really listened. It has been crazy busy this month with projects and presentations. And I’ve been working a lot on my book which I think fulfilled my itch to write stuff that wasn’t business papers. Sorry for abandoning you blog. Oh and also, China thwarted my hacking attempts so I just figured out how to get back to my blog.

So what has been going on? The weather has been nice so I’ve been outside a lot. Spring in China is BEAUTIFUL! Their trees have lovely little delicate flowers that smell amazing and come in great colors. And Chela got here on the 13th. We did a weekend in Shanghai, and then she came down to Hangzhou with me. I’ve been showing her around, we went to West Lake and saw the big Pagoda at the south end. We took a photo shoot with her Moccasins, thanks to Adam’s great photographic eye. One weekend we went to Haining which is a huge leather market, so she could try to source new suppliers for her company. Sadly, it wasn’t any cheaper here so it wasn’t very fruitful but at least we know it isn’t an option. The next day we went to Suzhou which is suppose to be the “Venice of the East”. Venice don’t worry, there is no competition. They had some really pretty gardens but the city itself wasn’t that noteworthy.

Now she is visiting Beijing for the weekend so she could get to the Great Wall. I couldn’t go with her because I have a lot of work to catch up on.

There is exactly one month till I go home now. I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. It always happens that way doesn’t it?


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