south korea

This past week was the Spring Festival, or Chinese New Year celebrations. We had off of class and I went on vacation. First I went to Shanghai for a few days. It was your standard city. And it rained. And I was sick. I don’t feel like going into details, nothing exciting happened.

But after that I got to go to South Korea to visit Amy for a few days. She’s there right now teaching English. That was an amazing trip. I ate so much good food: korean bbq, silk worms, street cart sweets and spicy rice cakes, and organs (stomach, intestine, bladder, etc). It was all delicious. Even the bugs.

I also got to see Angelina again which was such a surprise! Amy reconnected with her in South Korea. She and I have grown into such kindred spirits, we reconnected like its been five days not five years since we saw each other. I met one of her friends, another world traveler, and some of Amy’s friends. We went to their tall tower, and out on the town. Went to an underground punk club and concert and bar hopped around town.

Seoul is amazing and clean and modern and I had a great time with the girls again. It was good to be around old friends who know who you are because they were there when you were becoming who you are. You don’t have to explain yourself to them because they already know why you act the way you do.

Now I’m back in China for the home stretch. Two months till home. It feels like spring and I’m ready to work. Lets do this!


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