This weekend I did many new things.

On saturday we went on a hike through a Bamboo Forest up a hill to a temple. It was beautiful and beautiful weather this weekend. We also had a disney movie sing along on the trail.

On sunday I went for a walk by myself, found some nice trails nearby and met a nice Chinese girl at another temple. She took me to a pagoda and showed me other things and enjoyed practicing her english. We traded emails because she wants to hang out often and learn better english so she can get a better job. She’s really nice and it could be a fun way to learn about the city and make a friend.

On monday because class was cancled I went to karaoke (in the afternoon!) with some Chinese and American students. We had a blast and the place is really nice. For 30 yuan each you get unlimited karaoke in a private room and unlimited buffet food. Then I tried to take a cab from the karaoke place to the Chinese Silk Musuem to meet up with other people but none of the cabs would drive me there! I have no idea why…

Now it is home work time because I must remind myself i am here to study! haha


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